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Monday, September 27

Front page: 09.27.10

Good morning. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend that included getting out to the first Henry Street Harvest Festival. It was great fun for a great cause and I hope they bring it back next year.

In the headlines:

Stillwater officials would like to enact term limits, but the public would need to bring forth a petition of referendum to put them on the ballot. [The Record]

Ground was broken on a new commercial condominium project in Wilton. Developers cited the high cost of real estate and rent in Saratoga Springs for their decision to build outside city limits. [Post Star]

Matthew E. Forbes was sentenced to two to six years for his failed May robbery of Saratoga National Bank on West Avenue. [Gazette]

In the NY-20 race, Gibson and Murphy disagree on small business policy and Murphy fires back with new ad claiming Gibson supports job creation in China. [TU/Cap Con]

Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's wife, Cathy Paladino, "gets over it" and talks about her marriage and the upcoming election. [NY Post]

Gov. David Paterson fired back at SNL this weekend by showing up to Weekend Update. He was pretty good, check it out:

In news from across these United States:

Democrats say they will wait until after the Nov. elections to vote on tax reform. Republicans call the move irresponsible. [Washington Post]

After the success of the Tea Party, moderates are organizing against "hyperpartisanship" as moderate candidates get a boot from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomburg. [Los Angeles Times]

Dems from NY to Texas are breaking out the attack ads early this year as early voting is underway in some states. [NY Times]

And finally; happy birthday my brother, aspiring film auteur Taylor Donges, whose latest works include this art-house gem of me terrifying a ginger during his H.S. graduation. I knew I should have stuck with acting.

Check back in the p.m. with updates from the inbox.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: SNL and Paterson

First time that I laughed with a SNL skit in a long time.

September 27, 2010 at 11:50 AM 

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