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Thursday, September 23

Updates from the inbox: 9.23.10

Cheers to Anon for their (unposted) comment about correcting the date on this morning's post. Editorial support is always welcome.

In the inbox today, some interesting stuff from both sides of the NY-20 congressional campaign:

From Murphy's camp, a pair of releases, one on his hand delivery of a interview recording with local Vietnam Veteran Roger Lefco for the Veteran's History Project to the Library of Congress

"It’s so important that we work to preserve the memories and history of our veterans who have served both at home and overseas for our country," said Murphy in the release.

The Saratogian's Paul Post reported on Muphy's interview with Lefco and conducted an interview of his own.

Also from Murphy, a link to an op-ed he has published on Politico with four ways to strengthen the economy. You can check it out here.

From the camp of Republican challenger Chris Gibson, a release refuting several statements made by Murphy on small businesses and the health care reform.

"The Congressman is wrong," the release reads, "By increasing the cost of providing healthcare coverage, adding more regulatory burdens and further taxing our small businesses, his votes deter job creation and small business expansion."

I got a chance to talk to Gibson at the Saratoga Spring's VFW during his third veteran's rally event.

The latest Siena poll on the race shows Murphy leading Gibson by 17 points.

I'm expecting a guest post from Mareesa Nicosia of In The Biz fame here at some point today about her trip to Albany yesterday for the NYS Associated Press Association annual fall conference, where supposed gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio spoke about his political future.


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