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Monday, October 4

Updates from the inbox: 10.04.10 - Super Mario (Cuomo Jr.)

Good morning folks, here's what's happening.

As part of the Saratogian's Stimulus Tracker series: The Spa City got money through three grants as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Milton officials will propose a 3 percent pay increase for all full-time employees and a 3 percent tax increase for the 2011 budget. [Gazette]

Home construction is still on pace in Halfmoon. Construction has slowed in nearby municipalities, including Saratoga. [Gazette]

"Love Gov." Eliot Spitzer starts his new gig on CNN tonight. [Washington Post]

A new report shows Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino created 25 jobs after $3 million in Empire Zone tax breaks. [Daily News]

It will get a little more expensive for Carl Paladino to "take out the trash" in Albany if he gets elected; County Waste of Clifton Park is hiking rates by 50 cents. [TU/Saratoga Seen]

Check out Paladino's newest flyer. Is this an attempt at youth voter outreach?
BK Keramati and Sen. Hugh Farley are first in the slate of editorial board endorsement meetings this week. Post any questions you've got here or email me at

See you in the p.m. with updates from the inbox.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"According to Saratoga P.L.A.N. (Preserving Land and Nature), the paved trail is intended to “provide safe, off-road pedestrian, bicycle and handicapped accessible access from downtown Saratoga Springs to Weibel Road.” It will link downtown to the commercial area surrounding Wilton Mall."

"Intended" is the key word. At present it does not do this and it will be years before this happens. P.L.A.N. has all good 'plans' and NO maintenance plans...all 'feel good' plans and no follow up on anything ....

October 4, 2010 at 10:35 AM 

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