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Thursday, September 30

Updates from the Inbox: 9.30.10 - "I'll take you out, buddy!"

That Dicker v. Paladino clip is blowing up. Take another look here, and here. [YNN, CBS 6]

And here is Fred Dicker on Fox News talking about the confrontation. []

From the inbox:

The NY Democratic Committee sent this editorial, which rehashes the allegations of misconduct among Paladino's top campaign personnel, including campaign manager Michael Caputo, star for the majority of the Dicker confrontation. [Daily News]

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli sent a release calling the 2011 budget short-sighted.
"Nothing was done to reform how the budget is planned or constructed, and taxpayers will continue to pay the price for the state’s short-sightedness," he says in the release.

In NY-20: Rep. Scott Murphy sent a statement on his vote against a stopgap budget measure that passed with the support of many in the Democratic majority. [NY Times]

"We see time and again that instead of making tough choices and actually getting our spending under control, Congress forces through legislation with little advance notice and little attempt to make meaningful cuts," Murphy said in the release, calling for a five-year budget that cuts discretionary spending by 2 percent and then freezes spending.

Chris Gibson has not yet reacted to the vote. He was in his hometown of Kinderhook earlier at American Bio Medica Corporation’s headquarters as part of his “Jobs in NY-20” tour.

"Congress has spent too much, added too many new taxes, too much new regulation and passed a government take-over of healthcare that will be paid for on the backs of small business," Gibson said in a release on the visit.

Murphy has not towed the party line on every vote, but detractors have said said the opposition is a political tactic approved by Dem. leadership beforehand to keep the district's conservative base happy. What do you think?


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