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Thursday, October 7

Front page: 10.07.10 - Officials speak out on dispatcher transfer and the Canfield Casino gets creepy

Good morning!

City public safety officials say they cannot afford the delays in service and liability associated with the elimination of nine dispatchers proposed as part of the 2011 Comprehensive Budget. Their duties would be transferred to Saratoga County, a plan that was discussed and dismissed last year. [Saratogian, Gazette]

The CSEA will not negotiate with Troy mayor Dan Crawley, who has asked that union employees forgo their raises this year in the face of fiscal instability. [The Record]

From the Saratogian's "Stimulus Tracker" series; what did education in New York get, and what have they done with it.

Glens Falls' Crandall Public Library will receive $245,000 stimulus grant to add 15 computer workstations and additional staff. [Post-Star]

Carl Paladino is planning a major campaign announcement this afternoon to be aired on several T.V. stations. [DN/Daily Politics]

A documentary about the financial meltdown starring Eliot Spitzer is ready for the screen. [TU/Cap Con]

The Canfield Casino(ooooohhoohhhoooo) may be haunted. SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" filmed an episode there this summer that will be premiered there next week. I too have experienced "a freezing drop in temperature and a hostile energy" in that building. [TU/Saratoga Seen, Saratogian]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I too have experienced "a freezing drop in temperature and a hostile energy" in that building."

Patrick, that was very funny !!

October 7, 2010 at 11:24 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Saratogian did not report that Comm. Ivins reported at Tuesday's Council meeting that he anticipates a $2.8 million operating budget DEFICIT THIS year.

The City Charter REQUIRES the Comm. of Finance to report such a deficit to the Council "without delay." Why was this not reported sooner so steps could have been taken to reduce the deficit. Now ALL the accumulated fund balance, according to Ivins, may be needed to reduce his deficit.

Keep in mind that this was his budget. It was not approved by the City Council last fall. Now he reports that it may be $2.8 million in the hole.

The Council and the public must take charge of the budget and preparation of the 2011 budget. Ivins seems not up to the job.

October 8, 2010 at 1:23 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Demand the State Comptrollers office to audit the last 2 years of Kinivins budget and show how inept he truly is.Keep listening to your experts Kenny.

October 14, 2010 at 4:57 PM 

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