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Thursday, November 18

Front page: 11.18.10 - The IRS is looking for you, to give you money?! Newsweek profiles Scott Murphy's campaign and Spider-Man is hired by NYC

Good morning!

It's free money day at City Desk, if you happen to be one of 37 county residents who accidentally did not receive their federal tax refund this year. [Saratogian]

You can use your refund to stock up on Joose and Four Loko while you can; the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have sent letters to the four top manufacturers of "alcopops" telling them the stimulant additives in their beverages are unsafe. [Saratogian]

Albany International Airport will get full body scanners next year, and local travelers don't seem to upset about it. [Record]

Days after Saratoga County Administrator David Wickerham announced his retirement, the county's Director of Central Services, Michael Pratt, announced he will also leave. [Gazette]

Gov.-elect Cuomo is asking the courts to make sure the composition of the Senate is finalized by Jan. 5. [TU]

Is this what a "government shutdown" would look like? [TU/CapCon]

Scott Murphy: "2010’s quintessential endangered Democrat". [Newsweek]

Rep.-Elect Chris Gibson on his week of Congressional orientation. [TU/CapCon]

At least someone out there still can get a job; NYC Mayor Bloomberg hired Spider-Man yesterday. [Daily News, Multiversity Comics]


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