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Tuesday, November 9

Front page: 11.9.10 - S(no!)w, why the Dems lost NY House races and why a property tax cap is only the first step

Oh the weather outside is, weather. Here are some headlines.

It snowed yesterday, springing municipal road clean-up services into action. The rest of the week is expected to be clear (and cold). [PostStar, Saratogian, TU]

Division Street's former Ellsworth Ice Cream Co. building may soon be revamped into a new mixed-use building. [Gazette]

Experts say a state property tax cap will only begin to solve fiscal problems. [WXXI]

Rotterdam residents attempting to go to Town Board agenda meetings are being locked out of the Town Hall, and they aren't happy about it. [Gazette]

PEF has sent memos to Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo asking him to reconsider Gov. Paterson's layoff plans. [TU/State Worker]

Analysts: the "red tide" swept up NY's House Dems last week. [Wash Post]

Finally, just a day after going live moderators had to pull several anti-monarchist comments off the official Facebook page of the British Monarchy. [Telegraph]

My guess is her majesty responded, "let them troll MySpace!"


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