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Monday, November 8

Front page: 11.8.10 - Spa City development ramping up and government cheese here and abroad

Good morning! I'm back in action with daily morning updates. Here is what's going on today.

Developers are looking to start construction projects (some likely postponed due to the economy) in Saratoga Springs. [Gazette]

While the may have cleaned up nationally, analysts say the GOP missed out by not taking a single statewide seat in New York. [TU]

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo described by former aides as methodical and at times combative. And months before taking his first executive post Cuomo is already fielding questions about a presidential run. [NYT, WSJ]

One position no party won; the battle for an eloquent acceptance/concession speech. [NYT]

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver may face a coup attempt in the new term. [NYP]

And finally, it was a cheesy weekend worldwide. The Irish government got panned for a plan to give struggling families cheese, and the U.S. government was revealed as a being complicit in a campaign for more cheese. [Irish Times, NYT]

Has anyone had this Domino's American Legends Wisconsin 6-Cheese pizza? It looks delicious and terrifying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, the election is mercifully over. Now this community has got to address the fiscal crisis we face.

To do this the entire City Council must take responsibility for preparing a 2011 budget rooted in realistic revenues and expenditures.

This year the mayor overspent his outside counsel line by $200,000. That's almost enough to pay for the operational costs of the Rec. facility.

He said that the Rec. facility would be self supporting but it is not. Next year the total cost of the facility (operation and debt service) will be over $600,000. He proposes to budget nearly $200,000 for Rec. facility income, but it will not happen. So far this year the facility revenue has been only a few $ thousand.

This is one reason why Ivins wants to eliminate the City's emergency services dispatching function.

Interestingly, even as Ivins proposes to eliminate dispatching, there is over $250,000 in new employees in his proposed budget.

Ivins has even budgeted non-existent revenue (County surplus). The Council must accept that Finance may be over its head and take over the preparation of the budget.

November 8, 2010 at 7:57 AM 
Blogger NOW. HERE. THIS. said...

GOOD to see you back... LOUSY that the Gazette charges for news... ENCOURAGING to see ONE outraged comment on a Budget that CAN and MUST be cut. TELL THE COUNCIL on NOVEMBER 16th at 6:00...

... or surrender every right our Veterans fought and died for.

-Kyle York
Citizenship Matters

November 8, 2010 at 5:26 PM 

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