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Sunday, November 7

Yepsen sends "thank you" to supporters

In what I am going to assume is her final campaign email, Saratoga Springs Supervisor Joanne Yepsen sent this to local supporters this morning:

Dear Friends,

The whirlwind pace of campaigning may be over, but the many individuals who made possible a strong race for change in the 43rd District are still front and center in my thoughts. I continue to feel humbled, overwhelmed by the number of individuals who supported our campaign to work toward a better future! It is your financial, vocal and organizational support that helped build and sustain incredible momentum, right up until the polls closed.

While final numbers for each election district are not yet confirmed or fully counted, I am genuinely proud that we did so well, particularly in the cities. Our campaign was about reform, stronger fiscal responsibility and accountability. And with your help, we have set the stage for future wins, throughout the district.

The 43rd Senate District deserves the very best representation, to create jobs, hold down taxes, promote equality, and fight for the middle class and small business owners. Your help moved this district closer to that goal.

For today, I am fortunate that I can continue to do what I enjoy most: work for the people. As County Supervisor, I have the privilege of representing my neighbors and friends in Saratoga Springs. And I look forward to continuing to be the best public servant possible.

With my warmest thanks and best wishes for the upcoming holiday season,

Joanne Dittes Yepsen

I spoke with her Thursday for a story on how Saratoga Springs residents voted compared to the rest of the state/country/district.

She said she was looking forward to continuing her representation of the city on the county board. Yepsen beat Sen. Roy McDonald in Saratoga Springs by over 200 votes.


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