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Friday, November 12

T.G.I.F. - Gibson taps former Solomon staffers and Glass to discuss Raucci

Happy Friday! Here are the headlines.

Congressman-elect Chris Gibson has tapped several staffers who formally worked for the late Rep. Gerald Solomon, who represented the area for two decades. [Chronicle via TU/Cap Con, Saratogian]

The Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery, where veterans and supporters gathered yesterday for a somber Veteran's Day dedication, is named for the late Congressman. [Saratogian]

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo named two economic transition teams yesterday, firing back at critics, and maybe cashing out for some campaign donations. [NYT, Observer, Twitter]

Environmentalist Bill McKibben will speak at Skidmore today. [PostStar]

Chicago Public Radio's "This American Life" will air an episode this weekend on
Schenectady crime-celeb Steven Raucci. Show host and creator Ira Glass visited Skidmore earlier this year. [Gazette]

And finally, fast-food chain Wendy's is delving into the gourmet with the introduction of "natural cut sea-salt fries". No word yet on when the new spuds will make it into their Congress Street location. [Atlantic]

I'll be in Beantown this weekend. Leave your comments on the Saratoga Springs City Budget, which will be getting a lot of attention in the coming weeks as the deadline for passage is coming up fast.


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