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Monday, November 29

Gibson names Brunswick native to director post, and Wirth isn't sure if a city budget will pass tonight

In an release this morning, Congressman-elect Chris Gibson announced he has appointed Clifton Park resident Steven Bulger as his District Director. Bulger served as Gibson's Saratoga County Coordinator during his campaign.

“Steve Bulger is a great example of a citizen dedicated to selflessly improving our community. His volunteerism has already made a difference in countless lives and I’m honored and proud to have him serve as my District Director,” said Gibson in the release.

Bulger has worked in the medical manufacturing sector for the past 20 years, most recently as a manager specializing in total hip and knee replacements and trauma fracture fixation implants for the Stryker Corporation.

He is also the chairman of the Clifton Park Planning Board and a member of the board of directors of Saratoga Bridges.

On to the Saratoga Springs budget; Public Safety Commissioner Richard Wirth said today he is unsure whether or not the council will pass a budget tonight or postpone until the deadline tomorrow evening.

Wirth did manage to restore funds for the Saratoga Springs Police Department's Captain position and for nine dispatchers who were originally planned to have their functions abandoned to be picked up by the county.

"It really depends upon what we hear from the public," he said, describing tonight's meeting as the last budget workshop.

Wirth said he had not met with Finance Commissioner Ken Ivins Jr. since the last workshop on Nov. 23, and that he was looking forward to the process having "a good ending."

Check out what the council and the public have said in the run up to the two final days of negotiations here, here, and here.


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