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Tuesday, November 23

Gov. Paterson announces extraordinary session agenda, Gibson appoints northern regional rep

Gov. Paterson just released his executive order laying out the agenda for next Monday's extraordinary session. Here it is:

a. enacting a plan to provide for adequate savings and implementation of other measures to allow for the continued operation of the New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation;

b. enacting legislation that would implement provisions of the 2010-11 budget for Education, Labor and Family Assistance;

c. reducing expenditures for the 2010-11 budget;

d. amending Chapter 536 of the Laws of 2010 concerning the jurisdiction of the Division of Human Rights over claims made under that statute;

e. amending Chapter 225 of the Laws of 2010 concerning the effective date of that provision and the time for covered entities to come into compliance;

f. eliminating the notification required prior to the closure of state facilities;

g. renaming the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel for Governor Hugh L. Carey;

h. appropriating funds received through the federal education jobs fund program;

i. authorizing the Dormitory Authority to create a subsidiary to hold certain properties currently in the possession of North General Hospital;

j. creating a commission to evaluate and adjust judicial salaries; and

k. such other subjects as I may recommend.
You can bet (pun intended) there will be more on that first item in tomorrow's Saratogian.

I'm going to predict that Assemblyman Jim Tedisco puts out a release in the next 24 hours asking why redistricting reform was left off the agenda, but renaming the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel made the cut.

Also just in, Rep.-elect Chris Gibson has appointed campaign staffer, and former staffer for late Congressman Gerald Solomon, Mark Westcott as his regional representative for Warren, Washington and Essex Counties.

"His compassion and knowledge of the issues and challenges people face in the region will help us better serve our constituents,” Gibson said in the release.

Westcott, a lifelong district resident and current Queensbury resident, holds an MBA from Duke University and (NERD ALERT!) he directed Advertising and Promotional Department at Nintendo America. I wonder if he was responsible for the Nintendo Cereal System...

He started an international marketing consulting business, Westcott Marketing, Inc., in 1997.


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