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Monday, November 29

Ivins on budget: "I'm hoping it passes tonight"

Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner Ken Ivins Jr. said this afternoon he isn't sure if a budget will pass tonight and that he has held meetings negotiating terms since the Nov. 23 budget workshop.

I chatted with him briefly as he was in between teaching computing courses at Adirondack Community College.

"I've talked to some of them," he said of the other council members, adding that he's "hoping it passes tonight."

He also shared some potentially good news; the increase in the city's health insurance bill has come in lower than projected. The deadline for enrollment by city employees was Nov. 24.

Ivins had been wary that the new provision included as part of the federal health care reform act that allows families to insure children up to age 26 coupled with notice from insurers that premiums were set to increase up to 20 percent in 2011 would mean an increased financial burden.

He indicated that Deputy Kate Jarosh has been contacting other city council members today to tell them the news. I put out an email asking for a brief explanation of the new figures to no avail.

I will be (making an attempt) to live Tweet tonight's meeting at the new City Desk Twitter, which can be accessed here.


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