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Monday, January 24

The Democratic response to the State of the City Address

Sent by Brent Wilkes on behalf of Saratoga Springs Committee Chairman Thilo Ullmann.

Democratic response to State of City Addresss - 01.23.2011


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The City Center was opened in 1984. Don't believe Valerie Keehn as mayor at that time. Are facts that elusive by Mr. Wilkes??? Are we to believe that keeping the Capital Budget at the lowest level in history in an effort to reduce higher taxes to the people of Saratoga Springs is not in the best intererst of the City. Apparently the Democratic Party has sold out to the principles of a group of people whose perspective for government in this city is their only objective and logical planning and reduced spending is a thing of the past. It was the mishandling of the VLT funbds that have led us to this crisis and now they want a new form of government to take it's place. Are we to believe that two illegal bonding of the Recreation center prior to the current councils approval was the professional and appropriate thing to do.I know several Democrats who fought the last charter referendum and they are committed today as they were with them now. They will join forces with the Independent and republican forces in this community to put this eveil in the grave again. Of course that depend if they can even get it on the ballot. A simple financial statement is all that is requested and they are not in a position to bring it to the party because they can't make the numbers work in their favor. I say no and the Council and people should state no. It has come time for the People of Saratoga Springs to stand up and fight this private entity who wishes to take over our government!!!

January 24, 2011 at 6:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Saratoga Democratic Committee has not supported Charter Change in its platform. I suggest Thilo and Mr. Wilkes check with Committee members before they come out with their own press. Charter Change should be apolitical. I am afraid Charter Change supporters have hijacked the Democrats in Saratoga. I don't think so.

January 29, 2011 at 5:54 PM 

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