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Wednesday, March 30

Front page: City CSEA members vote on new contract, state ready to pass first early budget since 1983

Good morning!

The city's two CSEA units, City Hall workers and DPW workers, voted on a new contract yesterday afternoon. [Srtgn]

Local environmental advocates echoed the call of nation groups for a moratorium on nuclear power plant licensing and construction. [Srtgn]

Troy party officials are canvassing for candidates in preparation for city elections this November. [Record]

Stillwater Supervisor Ed Kinowski urges transfer of fire tower land in Corinth. [PstStr]

The Saratoga Lake Association is recruiting volunteers to check the lake level every day amid flooding fears. [TU]

In Albany; legislators are poised to pass their first early state budget since 1983. [DN]

budget bills hit the legislature floor last night, with debate opening and some votes in the Senate. (Second link includes video of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos opening the budget debate.) [CapCon, @NYSenate]

State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver framed the budget as a win for Democrats. [NY1]

In honor of the pending budget approval, here's Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue," a hit in 1983.


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