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Monday, April 11

Front page: LoWV cancels civil discourse panel for lack of officials' interest, Cuomo's first 100 days 'victorious'

Good morning! Sorry about my hiatus, but I'm back for one last week of posts. Friday is my last day at the City Desk, but stay tuned for a new curator in the following weeks.

Making headlines today; the Saratoga League of Women Voters has canceled a program on civil discourse because only one local official signed up. [Srtgn]

County public safety officials say a $750 emergency medical instrument can help save lives in fires. [PstStr]

A replacement dam at Geyser Creek in Spa State Park is set to be completed by the end of the summer, state officials say. [DG]

In Albany; a "dedicated fund" for road and bridge replacement will need to be bailed out by the state after being spent into a $3 billion deficit. [TU]

A rally at the capital against hydrofracking for natural gas is planned today. [AP]

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's first 100 days in office characterized as victorious. [Gannett]

Former state senator Hiram Monserrate, expelled after being charged with assaulting his girlfriend, currently "the boss" at a Queens pizza joint opened at his old campaign headquarters. [NYP]

New York film director Sidney Lumet passed this weekend, here's a sampling of his work. Enjoy.


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