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Friday, July 29

In other Planning Board news...

At the Planning Board meeting Wednesday, July 27, the big story was Bonacio's Broadway building, but that wasn't the only thing the board did.

In other news...

The Olde Bryan Inn, Saratoga Springs' oldest building (at least that's what the members of the planning board said, and after all, it does have an "E" on the end of Old) will be growing. The planning board approved the site plan for a 2,600 addition to the building, which was signed off on by the Design Review Commission. It will be located over the patio that currently has a temporary tent over it.
I will be following up and writing a full story about this in the coming week, so stay tuned to The Saratogian for more details.

The Horseshoe Inn Bar and Grill on the corner of Nelson and Gridley streets had its outdoor entertainment permit approved among other minor approvals for sidewalks and curb cuts for its parking lot.
Matthew J. Jones, the restaurant's attorney applied for a permanent special use permit rather than the temporary one they have been approved for over the past four years. He explained that special use permits are generally permanent and said he did not thing there should be any "heightened security" when dealing with outdoor entertainment.
The restaurant was approved in 2007 for a one-year permit, and in 2008 for a three-year permit. "Here we go again," he said. "We've had two test runs, and they were successful ones."
Of course the rolled eyed eyes and heavy sighs of the board when outdoor entertainment is talked about is largely thanks to their ongoing struggle with Siro's where a special use permit has evolved into a struggle involving lawsuits, acoustic experts and six-foot rubber walls.
Board member Phil Lewis said he wanted to reserve the right to "look at the issue every three or four years," adding that he "appreciates the fact that it costs (the owners of the Horseshoe Inn Bar and Grill) money."
On the other hand Clifford Van Wagner pointed out the applicant had done "everything the planning board ever asked of you" but was still unsure about granting a permanent permit.
He said there could be issues outside the owners' control. "Who knows what the track will look like in 5 or 6 years," he said. He suggested a six year permit.
Amy Durland added "Not only might the track change, but the owners might change," in which case the special use permit would stay with the building. She agreed with Lewis' plan.
In the end, the a five year permit was unanimously approved.

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