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Thursday, February 23

In other business...

At the planning board Wednesday night, the big story that I saw was the second sketch plan for the Lexington Club — though I sort of think they should change the name since the project is only reminiscent of the original proposal in a structural way (the buildings look the same) but certainly not in use (hotels, restaurant, banquet hall, pool,condos, townhouses replaced by apartments).

But that wasn't the only thing on the agenda Wednesday.

The other top story, I would say, was Siro's special use permit renewal.

Siro's, as most anyone reading this blog knows, has a long history in the city's land use boards, a history that involves irate neighbors, lawsuits, acoustic experts and culminated in the erection of a 6-1/2 foot black rubber wall on top of their already 8-foot fence.

Siro's asked for a three-year extension on their special use permit that allows outdoor entertainment. They got one. Read all about it in The Saratogian tomorrow (well, with "Digital First," probably later tonight)


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