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Tuesday, April 17

Nov. 2012 questions

I check the Board of Elections website frequently to see what is going on and who is officially raising money for their campaign and how much.

For instance, the website tells me Kathy Marchione is about $442,000 behind Roy McDonald who she seeks to unseat from the Senate as of the most recent filings (which were in January, so not exactly up-to-date).

It also tells me that there is no committee or funding (Yet) this year for Joanne Yepsen or John Franck to run for anything but their Saratoga Springs positions.

Franck has told me explicitly a couple times that he will not be running for anything but Commissioner of Accounts in the near future.

Yepsen, though, said a couple weeks ago that she was not sure yet if she would run for a seat at the state this year.

Seems late to me to not know. It seems unlikely she could make a run at someone like Tony Jordan or against the winner of the primary between Roy McDonald and Kathy Marchione this late in the game, but stranger things have happened in politics.

I mean, look at Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential frontrunner, a man who lost the 2008 primary to John McCain (and Mike Huckabee in some states) and we all remember how that turned out. But the man still continues to peddle his million dollar bike (you know he must have one, literally) toward the White House.

But anyway, we'll see if Yepsen gives it a go. The season (at least locally) is still relatively early and I'll do what I can to write about something other than the Housing Authority (IT JUST KEEPS GOING!).

Anyway, stay classy Saratoga.

PS, speaking of which, Anchor Man 2? 2012 just got great.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you and your readers have not yet seen it, I recommend you look at the story in this week's Sunday New York Times Magazine about the four Republican State senators (including Roy McDonald) who support the same sex marriage legislation.

Very interesting story. I, for one, hope Roy wins his Republican primary. The County Clerk is much too extreme for this area and her Halfmoon political ethic will not help her.

April 18, 2012 at 6:17 PM 

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