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Wednesday, March 14

Who is in charge will wait

Well, Mayor Scott Johnson just returned my call and left me a message (while I was on the phone with Housing Authority board member Eric Weller, whose story will also come soon) saying the legal opinion on who is in charge of the Housing Authority will, in fact, not be released until Monday.

See the post below that I wrote yesterday for some context (and the one I wrote the day before if you want to know what's up with Eric Weller)

Johnson originally said at the City Council meeting last Tuesday it would be released within the week, then last Thursday he said it would be out by the middle of this week and now it will be out by Monday.

"There were some outstanding issues," Johnson said in the message, but said it will clear up a lot of issues.

"It really is comprehensive on all issues raised to date," he said, "including the validity of (Ed Spychalski's) contract, salaries, how the city has any authority over the Housing Authority. It is not cut and dried."

Meanwhile, Eric Weller said that may not be the end of the conversation.

"It is going to take a lot of legal advice and possibly legal action to answer it," he said. I asked him if he would be challenging the decision, if indeed it does indicate the City Council has to approve Housing Authority salaries. "It's something we would certainly question."

The story is obviously not done and there will be more to come, but that's all for now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How the hell did the State first created the Housing authority...then it became a Hud project??? and now Mr. Eric "the junket " Weller is in charge????

March 14, 2012 at 5:43 PM 

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