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Wednesday, February 29

The mystery revealed!

I never use exclamation points, but this seemed like an appropriate use of one.

The in-depth research, sleepless nights wondering and meetings with "deep throat" sources have finally paid off — we've figured out what makes "Skip" "Skip."

Actually, it was a couple of off-handed comments from some people who know Anthony "Skip" Scirocco that revealed the source of the nickname, a source that only comes around once every 1,461 days.

I have it on good authority (though he has yet to confirm it) that he is named "Skip" because today, Feb. 29, is his birthday. He was a leap-year baby.

Here I thought he skipped school a lot or liked skipping as a kid or was really good at jump rope or something, but no.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed, actually, with this origin story, but everyone around the newsroom seems to love it (a certain editor who will remain nameless actually jumped and giggled giddily when she found out).

There you have it folks, the truth behind the name and you saw it here first (as far as I know).

So if you happen to see the public works commissioner today, be sure to wish him a happy sweet 16!

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