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Tuesday, March 5

Mayor undergoes emergency surgery *Updated*

Mayor Scott Johnson will not be at the City Council meeting Tuesday night after undergoing "emergency surgery" Tuesday, according to Deputy Mayor Shauna Sutton.

"He's ok, which is what is most important. It was nothing serious," she said. "He just wasn't expecting it."

She said the mayor has not told her or administrative assistant what the surgery was about or many details. Sutton said "I got the impression it was an outpatient procedure."

Either way he will not be in attendance tonight, but she said the things on his agenda will still come up. I don't know if she will bring them up or not. Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan will be running the meeting.


Just so everyone knows, Mayor Johnson is fine now and said he has been back to work all week.

"To borrow a saying from Mark Twain: The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated," he said. 

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