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Tuesday, May 7

City Council 2013 — IX

Who is taking bets?

P.O. Box 3105
Saratoga Springs NY 12866
Phone: (518) 587-6670 and Fax: 587-6672

David Harper, Chair                                                                                                                 Executive Committee
Rose Zacek, Whip                                                                                                                    Robert Barile
Stephen Rodriguez, Vice-Chair                                                                                                Keith Kaplan
Mary Flanagan, Secretary                                                                                                        Amy Cacozza
Michael Cummings, Treasurer                                                                                                 Matt Hogan             
Oscar Schreiber, County Executive Committee Member                                                        Drew Jarosh
                                                                                Joe Kakaty
                                                                                                                                Ken Ivins

For: Wednesday, MAY 8, 2013
City Republicans to Make It Official
To Announce Mayoral Candidate at Wednesday Press Conference
Saratoga Springs Republican Chairman David Harper will officially announce his party’s candidate for Mayor by launching a kick-off press conference this Wednesday, May 8th at 2pm.

WHO:             Saratoga Springs Republican Chairman David Harper, Republican                                    Mayoral candidate and distinguished guests.      
WHAT:          Announcing and kicking off of Republican Mayoral Campaign.
WHEN:          2 p.m. Wednesday May 8, 2013.
WHERE:        Saratoga Arms, 497 Broadway Saratoga Springs.
                        **INSIDE** Conference Room.
CONTACT:   David Harper



I'll put $5 on Deputy Mayor Shauna Sutton, but I'll tell you, they've kept this one close to the vest. I asked her and she said she had sworn herself to silence. 

In other City Council news, Accounts Commissioner John Franck said the Democrats have lobbied him to some extent to run for both Accounts and Supervisor. He said he probably won't do it, though.

"Even I'll be surprised if I do it," he said, citing the time commitment.

I don't know anybody whose done it before, but I know there was a lot of talk a couple months ago about Supervisor Joanne Yepsen doing the same thing  (for mayor and Sup), but that fell by the wayside. 

Still, Democratic Chairman Charles Brown said one of the other City Council members might give it a go. At the time I thought he was alluding to Michele Madigan, but she said she hadn't heard that particular rumor.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saratoga Arms is owned by Shauna Suttons brother-in-law. Why would they be announcing this during her work hours?

May 8, 2013 at 8:59 AM 

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