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Monday, August 5

Steps toward the Geyser Road Trail

After a decade of little activity on moving the Geyser Road Trail project forward, it looks like somebody kicked the city into high gear on the project this year.

It was in the Capital Improvement Project budget this year for an engineering study to get the project "shovel ready" in the hope that funding would come along like it did for the Spring Run Trail years ago. In that case, it was stimulus funds. In this case, it looks like they are hoping for some grant funding.

"It's been too long and we're finally moving forward," Mayor Scott Johnson said Monday morning at the City Council agenda meeting.

Tuesday night, the City Council will be voting to apply for a few different state grants for the $1.7 million project. The grants would each require the city to match up to $425,000, but Economic and Planning Director Bradley Birge said some of that could come out of the$150,000 that was applied to the engineering study.

If the city were approved for the grant, Birge said it would take about a year for the engineering and a season for construction.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yew, it has been "...too long and we're finally moving forward." Maybe!

As we all know many projects that he City Council has authorized have NOT MOVED FORWARD under Johnson and Sutton.

They blamed lack of progress on Waterfront Park on the "recession" but there has been $200,000 in State grant money since early 2010, plus over $200,000 in cash from the original bond and several hundred thousand in the Recreation Trust Fund.

Still, after more than five years in office little has been done. There lack of progress has nothing to do with the recession but rather their inability and lack of will to complete what the taxpayers have already paid for.

And what about the Blogett trailhead. Has the Johnson yet moved on this project? Has the property finally been purchased with the County grant that was receive way back in 2008.

And then there is the deputy mayor's handling of the Urban Forestry Project. Why did she fail to act. What was the motive. Why did Ivins take the State Grant out of the budget?

Why would the community think that this project will be any different.

Please Saratogian, give us some facts no Johnson sound bites. Do a little digging, talk to those who know the status if these projects and the details.

Next he'll be telling us that the Rec. Center has no operating deficit.

Please, facts, details and background. The public really has an interest.

August 5, 2013 at 2:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with the previous post. All Scott Johnson is concerned with is his legacy. I can hear it now...I saved the city this much money! At what cost? You and Rick wirthless cut the fire and police departments to the bone, left recreation dept with nothing, and just caused hate and discontent in our great city. Thankfully your ad,insist ration will end soon. I hope the citizens remember all of this at election time. Please don't let our city back in the hands of sutton and wirthless.

August 6, 2013 at 5:54 AM 

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