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Tuesday, March 17

More elections coming

If the average reader is anything like me, you're still reeling from the two-year slog of the last presidential election, and quickly tiring of the special election in the 20th Congressional District. The last thing you want to hear about is another round of elections, but, don't worry, they're coming.

Ever since New Year's Day, some members of the City Council have been discussing how the council's dynamics change in an election year.

The composition of the audience also changes.

Earlier this evening, I had a few moments to chat with Richard Wirth, who failed in his 2007 bid to steal the Public Safety Commissioner's title away from an incumbent Ron Kim. Well guess what, he's going to try it again this year.

Whether or not he will run against Kim remains to be seen — the commissioner has not yet said if he will seek reelection, or if he might seek another post (Mayor?), but assuming all goes well for him with the city and county GOP committees, we could well see Wirth's second run at office.

Believing that it's never to early to start questioning presumptive candidates on their positions, I asked Wirth what he though about the challenges facing the city in terms of parking.

His answer? "It's a real problem."

His proposed solution: Form a committee comprised of stake holders, experts, and those close to the issue; commission a study; and then figure out the solution.

But hasn't that been done before?

Wirth acknowledges that it has, but says that since things have changed since the last studies, an update is needed, and that it now needs to be done with the intention of actually following through.

My questions is: were the previous studies conducted without such an intention?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy hasn't been seen at all this past year and now wants to run again, where was he when all the issues were running around about the new police department and the rec center, This guy has no back ground and is just a puppet for the party and is hoping that Kim will run for a different office so he could slide into office

March 23, 2009 at 8:13 AM 

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