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Tuesday, November 3

2009 Election Night live blog: Results coming in

Four districts reporting so far (I believe they're 9, 4, 17 and 12). Over at GOP headquarters, Andrew described the results this way: Johnson currently up by 98, Ivins down by 113, Scirocco up by 257, Wirth down by 58.

Emily said a Wirth supporter was among the large group watching as results come in, crossing his fingers" that his man can overtake Connolly's lead. Remember to check out the Saratoga County Board of Election sites for numbers.

She also said that out of three districts, (4, 7, 12) Ivins is losing, but not by a lot. "The results that are in from the districts don't surprise me at all," he said. He also said that in those districts, he's actually ahead of where he was two years ago.

Beer seems to be the popular choice among Republicans, according to the bartender on the scene.


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