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Sunday, February 7

Return of the City Desk & Super Sunday Salutations

Greetings city government fans, on this the super-est Sunday of the year!

I'm Patrick Donges, The latest addition to The Saratogian's reporting staff and the new proprietor of the City Desk blog.

I'm from Orange County, NY and a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany. Next week will mark the beginning of my second month with The Saratogian.

I'm relatively new to the city, so I'll be soliciting tips and advice from
you periodically as I get to know the major players in government
and business.

My goal is to continue the meaningful exchanges on important city issues
established here by my predecessor, while providing unprecedented
access to the latest local political news.

Before things get too serious and I'm flooded with questions about video lottery terminals, I have to ask about a different sort of VLT.

Who will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy tonight?

The only bet I've made thus far is that The Who will play at least two
minutes and fifteen seconds of "Won't Get Fooled Again", pending
wardrobe malfunctions of course.

Let me know who you're rooting for, and have a safe Super Sunday!


Blogger Ben lives on said...

good Luck I mean might want to ask Skip Scirocco if you could have a copy of the CSEA DPW contract. Also ask him if he can spare workers to spend a few days putting up mirrors in his office, why they can't dispatch on weekends

In the Gazette Tatiana Zarnowski quoted him.
"Scirocco defended the work, saying it cost very little in materials and only took three or four days of a couple city laborers’ time — laborers who wouldn’t have been occupied anyway because of the lack of snow this winter.'

Now Skip will say its because of the contract.laborers can't dispatch.Fine ask to see the specific language in the contract.
Then when he finds the contract says no such thing if will say Civil Service Law. Then say fine show it to me. Skip will lie to you and don't let them get away with it.

February 8, 2010 at 12:32 PM 
Blogger demroc said...

hmmmmm, or tighe can just show you his copy of the contract, since he's so sure of what's in it. if he hasn't seen the contract, then he obviously is clueless and lying himself. talk to patsy berrigan at civil service.
see, he likes to make things up, like saying she quoted scirocco. that was not a quote, or at least that's what i think those 2 little slash marks mean, when they're not there, it isn't a quote, right?

that was her comment and her assesment of the situation. his quote was, "there's nothing in here except a little bit of sheetrock and a cieling fan.", scirocco said.
as was also pointed out in that article was, other commissioners have had work done in all there offices. the mayor just installed a $1,400 partition (after recession) for safety, because having camers in his office and being in the same building as the cops isn't safety enough. kate jarosh, had an entire new office built for her. as well as most of the offices have had new paint in the last 2 years.

February 9, 2010 at 8:01 AM 

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