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Tuesday, November 30

Scirocco: "Everybody should try and step up to the plate and do more with less"

Attention commentators, Public Works Commissioner Anthony "Skip" Scirocco has read your suggestions that he be removed because he called department office manager (and city DPW CSEA union head) Kathy Moran to the mic last night to explain the departmental budget.

On the phone today, he said Moran is a member of a departmental budget committee comprised of the heads of the different entities (ie. water and sewer) who meet to discuss the budget throughout the year.

"There's no conflict," he said of her involvement in crafting the budget "She works there and she has to wear two hats," he continued, adding that as office administrator she tracks the daily changes to the budget throughout the year, as had the previous union head before her.

Scirocco is going over his budget again today to look for additional expense cuts. He mentioned an additional $35,000 in unemployment that would likely be brought to the table tonight.

"It just seems like every budget year the first thing they do is start slashing the labor budget in DPW," he said.

"Everybody should try and step up to the plate and do more with less," he said of the rest of the council. "I think they need to come to the table tonight and make some concessions," he continued, noting a position added to the Finance Department that came under fire last night from Mayor Scott Johnson.

"It's not at easy position to be in when you're looking at mostly salaries," he said of the Public Safety department. "There really isn't a whole lot of wiggle room in what they can do."

"Could they go in there and find some cuts? I guess they probably could," he added.

The council has to pass a budget tonight or the originally proposed 8.48 percent property tax increase will be enacted by default.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, there will likely be no video posted from last night's meeting until tomorrow at the earliest. Stay tuned for a compilation of the debate from both last night and tonight.


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