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Thursday, December 2

Wirth refutes Ivins, says he is not working on a task force to discuss dispatch service takeover

Public Safety Commissioner Richard Wirth is refuting a claim by Finance Commissioner Ken Ivins Jr. that he has planned the formation of a task force to examine allowing Saratoga County to takeover some functions of the city's public safety dispatchers.

The nine positions were originally slated to be abandoned to county control in Ivins' 2011 Comprehensive Budget proposal.

"Hopefully commissioner Wirth holds to his word," Ivins said of the idea today, noting that he couldn't recall when he heard the task force was being considered.

"No," Wirth said when asked about a group being formed around that specific topic.

He did say he was looking into the formation of several task forces between Saratoga Springs and surrounding municipalities to determine opportunities for mutual revenue production. He will meet with Saratoga Springs Supervisor Matthew Veitch on Monday to discuss the idea.

"I'm looking for ideas because it could be a lengthy process," he said of a possible county takeover of dispatching services, saying he was open to any and all ideas on the issue.

"But I will only do what's best for Saratoga Springs," he continued.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every day the fire department takes the fire truck grocery shopping on taxpayer time they are eating our lunch.

December 5, 2010 at 8:12 AM 

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