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Tuesday, April 12

Front page: Residents respond to call for suggestions on VLT aid funds, state legislators introduce bills to increase pension payments

Good morning!

As has already been mentioned here, Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner Ken Ivins Jr. has asked for the public's input on how to spend appx 1.5 million in restored VLT aid funding. Thanks you those who called yesterday to give your two cents. [Srtgn]

City Commissioner of Public Safety Richard Wirth says the Saratoga Springs Police Department's Assistant Chief position will be filled. [DG]

As donations dried up, farms for retired thoroughbred racehorses have had a hard time keeping up with care for the animals. [PstStr]

In Albany; environmental groups rallied against hydrofracking for natural gas at the capital yesterday. [AP via Record]

Legislators have introduced 55 bills thus far this session that would increase pension payments, broaden the scope of disabilities that can be used to claim retirement pay, or enhance health insurance benefits. [TU]

The Assembly voted to extend rent regulation policy, setting up a potential showdown with the Senate, who will be likely pushing for Gov. Cuomo's proposed 2 percent property tax cap. [NYT, CapCon, SoP]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems hypocritical even in an election year to ask the citizens to give input on utilization of VLT funds when only a handful were totally involved in the budget process on a yearly basis and in most cases their input was ignored as well.

April 12, 2011 at 1:10 PM 

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