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Friday, December 3

T.G.I.F. - More dough for GloFo, and none for OTB (yet)

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope everybody got out to the Victorian Streetwalk last night. I posted a couple of photos from my stroll down old Broadway on the City Desk Twitter page.

The Saratoga County Industrial Development Agency voted Thursday to accept an application to expand the tax incentives to GlobalFoundries by approximately $112.4 million. [Srtgn]

The state Senate will be back in session this Tuesday to consider a bailout for NYC OTB, which will begin to close up shop today regardless. [Srtgn, AlbWatch]

Students are holding out for $40,000 to keep Saratoga Youth Court alive another year, and officials are seeking $100,000 in donations to complete Spa Park repairs. [Srtgn, PstStr]

Early retirements at the county will spur departmental reorganization. [Gazette]

Longtime Republican state Sen. Vincent Leibell is expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges after his resigning from the Senate effective today. [PoJo]

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg advises Pres. Obama to get better advisers in GQ. [NYP]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A public agency spending more money. I wonder who is going to pay for the new schools that will be needed for the influx of workers for this plant. I'll bet it will be property owners.

December 3, 2010 at 8:03 AM 
Blogger NOW. HERE. THIS. said...

Reports are flying that Paterson will call for a vote on TUESDAY, a vote that will win Senate approval for a complete reorganization of NYC OTB.

Utter upstate nonsense.

It's over.
They haven't got the 32 votes.
For the sake of our town and our future, WHO on God's earth is going to step up and LEAD Team Saratoga?

We've got ONE shot, the clock's tickin'. And anybody waiting for Tuesday's vote has wasted 72 hours already.

-Kyle York
Serious as a Heart Attack

December 4, 2010 at 6:32 PM 

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