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Friday, April 20


Let me be clear about this now so there is no confusion in the future. I pre-moderate comments. That means that comments posted to this blog must come through me first. I have been pretty liberal with the posting. For instance, if you look back at some of the blog posts in the past, I have let through personal attacks on myself, but most of the time I do not post attacks on anyone else.

That worked for a time, but I'm finding myself having to filter more and more vitriol.

Things seem to have degenerated and I'm going to nip this in the bud.

My policy, from here on out, is this: If you have something constructive to say, I'll post your comment. If you are ONLY attacking someone, I will not.

For instance, I was just attacked for not covering meetings to an anonymous commenter's standards. I posted it, but then deleted it.

I didn't delete it because I want to bury anyone's opinion. If you don't like the job I do, feel free to let me know civilly and I'll post the comment. I have no problem with criticism.

What I will not be posting, though, are comments that are just attacks.

"I'm not saying your the worst reporter, but..."

I have a thick skin and have heard worse from people not hiding behind anonymity, but that's an example of something that I'm frankly just not going to deal with.

It doesn't have a place on this blog.

This policy is obviously subjective, so not everyone is going to agree with what I let through and what I don't, but err on the side of civility and we won't have a problem.

It's more than just a modified catch phrase from a (hilarious) movie:




Anonymous Kyle York said...

Excellent move Lucian. The downhill spiral of libel and lunacy is reaching epidemic proportions everywhere. Check out the blog of Post-Star Editor Ken Tingsley, a thoughtful professional whose been wrestling with similar issues.

"Real" names would solve everything. Because in an increasingly polarized world, Anonymity breeds Incivility... in black and white.

April 21, 2012 at 1:32 PM 
Anonymous justin bartholomew said...

This is a good common sense Blog. Very helpful to one who is just finding the resources about this part. It will certainly help educate me.

April 23, 2012 at 2:07 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's clear the courts have blessed the senate districts.

It's now time for Jasper Nolan to stop stalling the Saratoga County Committee endorsement for Senate.

Jasper Nolan should resign as he is a total laughingstock of a chairman.

His committee chairs are in total revolt as reported today in the Daily Gazette one of his chairwomen has openly called Jasper Nolan anti-woman.

Can it get any worse for the aging chairman, his committee is in a shambles and he refuses to step aside for the GOOD OF THE PARTY.

Nolan hasn't recruited new members into the dying committee in decades. He is also anti-youth as he has displayed by his actions over the years by running out promising and hopeful leaders as he sees them as a threat to his "chairman for Life" hopes.

Nolan is pathetic, he is being called anti-woman, anti-youth, anti-party growth, he must go.

His chairmanship is up in September, town chairs should immediately issue a vote of NO CONFIDENCE and move to replace him in September.

May 3, 2012 at 10:15 AM 

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